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Out There Somewhere

by Ric Albano

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Trembling with fear as the date was drawing near, I gauged all potential outcomes Well, I didn't want this fight But it arrived ‘neath the bright n’ sunny August dog day summer sun, placing me under the gun To avoid a sour fate, I wandered all throughout the state And almost missed what’s clear and bright In a classic case of irony, I capsized that misery and... Reversed the culprit's crooked plight To gain leverage in the fight Dance with a plume to a retribution tune Sometimes the good guys win Oh, how swift their pollution met a sweet retribution, Instant mercy for discipline, wholly expunged sin Well, go on now and do your worst for I refuse to reimburse Or relinquish what is rightly mine A magpie stored some paper gold Which brought this dog in from the cold And restored prestige back to fine, reset life to nine Dance with all joy at this barricaded ploy Occasionally the right folks win Infringement revised, remunerated, rectified, Gentle mercy for discipline Wholly expunged sin, elate revival within Sure feels good to get a win, oh, thank God for my kin
I've got to chill, Haven’t got anywhere to go but I just cannot sit still You.... possess my brain, I want you out of my head but I’m unwilling to face that pain Breakfast will be served in my favorite dive diner Just a few miles north of North Carolina I can hear the distant calls of virgins by the sea, The rousing, rising sky signals it’s spring….. Springtime has come The land rejuvenates life with with a subtle, lime-green hum Hazily we’ll proceed, towards that tangent, Mid-song bridge in another key Time to throw shade at arguments that were never made To gain hand, to pack that bigger bite, With the sharpened words, crass and blight A field full of straw men to knock down, A field filled with straw men all around Ole’ grumpled head, the monster underneath the bed Echoing all those words I never said, until that stone is bled Music will be played on a well-tread wooden porch Just slightly north of central Georgia The soaring notes are each harmonized so fine, Keep us oblivious to the signs….. Signs of the times Cracked open my Benjamins’ box But its now filled with dimes You..... destroyed the dream And I’m still reeling from your deft, elaborate scheme But I just cannot stay angry with you
Tangytown 03:29
So I walked away from it all, To investigate what’s beyond the curvature of this ball I made a rash decision to break, And direct my tunnel vision Towards a new path that I will take Embarked on my mission to Tangytown Where the eminent pay homage to gaudy clowns Without a sound, I just walked away from it all Oh, I couldn’t leave that rail alone, although I knew deep down It couldn’t transport me to a place where I’d cease to be scorned I must forsake the decision or just own it I must ice all provisions or prove that I actually condone it But I found no asylum in Tangytown, Only miscreants held up high while the saints are brought down To the bitter sounds of me grabbing hold of that third rail today Often distorted, never directly ever observed Oh, and so rarely acknowledged And, God knows, never really heard This is the vapor trail of a lost and wandering soul Who tried, so intensely, to escape out of his self-dug hole Oh, why did I did that hole? I had to dig the hole
Sweet Emily 04:47
It’s a love that never dies Even through the most intense, traumatic cries The more our hearts are aching, The clearer how unshakable this case A truly special little girl, perhaps too good for this ole’ world Although its so heartbreaking, We'll never be forsaking the moment we face Forever and unreservedly, That is the way one will love their own child So if you get to Heaven and you see sweet Emily, Please give her a smile There should a natural sequence to life The first to leave would be the earliest who’d arrived Sometimes things don't land that way, "Why?" we say, God only knows And there’s your favorite teddy bear, Locked in its kind, forever stare Can you look at it right now from where you are? Oh, please let it be so No getting over it, there's just no moving on after a while So if you get to Heaven and you see sweet Emily, Please give her a smile Late this morning I had a vivid dream Your tiny hand was reaching out for me Tried so hard to rescue you, Until I realized that I'm the one who is really lost So I struggle to take a single step On the long and winding trek of many miles Determined to get to Heaven where I’ll see sweet Emily And finally smile, we will share a smile
Tune up all the turbines of your will now, The upcoming journey is hard Who will speak up for you as you're maligned? Who will assume that vanguard? The surprise situations changed that game that you regard Well, now's the time to prove what you are made of, Will you persist through these scars? Refine the engines of your courage, This upcoming year may be rough Competently seeing things through a real lens, While stripping the core of all fluff And less and less will have your back Once it endangers their own stuff Now's the time to prove what you are made of, Is the crux of your nature enough? The truth is out there somewhere, not to be subjectively read Clandestine as it might be, there is wisdom in its stead The poison of deception, can not persist through time ‘Cause the truth is out there somewhere, Credible, pure, refined Growing tired of demoralization As the axioms shift almost by the day And those distorted tales of the imagination Can’t forever hold such sway so I will not - Give to the diffusion of lies, nor exist perpetually petrified I’ll break out of that sad groove, Plan my return back to the truth To lift an authentic weight and carry it as far as its fate There is a way past this mire, An escape from a fate that is dire Stoke the blue flames of the fire beyond basic desire The warring parties methods Always use means towards an end But the truth is out there somewhere, No matter foe or friend Growing weary of the situation, A newspeak edition coming every day With no sympathy for an imagination, The tyranny won’t forever hold this sway And with just some truth to break these spurious creations, And really show the world that there is a better way We can spread it through rapid conflagration, Into a better way, into a truly better day Build a brand new shield for your will now, Keep those detractors at bay Now's the time to prove what you are made of, This journey will happen come what may The inclinations of some game will not dictate who’s brave Now's the time to show some real courage, The truth is out there to be saved
Redemption 03:35
I tried to cast you from my heart But that wasn’t so easy to achieve Oh, that bitter poison that you fling, It permeates through everything Corrupting all which I’d believe So many years go by as I slowly Find and build some meaning in my life Then the haunting echoes of the past Returned in shards of shattered glass To rekindle the ugly days of strife If I write a thousand songs, will anybody listen? If I right a thousand wrongs, will I be forgiven? Where is the redemption for me? I tried to scrub you from my life, But all alone I just couldn’t get this done Reverberating deep despair, It tossed and turned me everywhere And now I’m again on the run, oh no… If I write a thousand songs, will anybody listen? If I write a thousand wrongs, can I finally be forgiven? Where is the redemption? Will there be some redemption for me? Oh Lord, for me? People need a good faith path towards renovation Without the peril of this yore annihilation Where is the redemption? Can there be some redemption for me? Will there be hope for me?
As I walk down to the highway I begin to sing this song The locomotive passing my way Sets the rhythm as I move along Without a doubt I shout the words, In a voice that’s clear and strong, oh so strong This tune made for a simple guy who lives from day to day, Drinks in a sunshine ray to melt the blues away I daydream of the afternoon When I walked a country mile with you And all you had to offer me Was the promise of a love so true I'm overjoyed to be living, I'm going to tell the whole world I am, yes I am For I've got such a fine woman who claims me as her man Sure gonna give her love like nobody can So I'm rolling on down to Rosedale I've got my rider by my side Although an unplanned detour This is still a satisfying ride I'm so grateful for this life, I wanna tell everyone that I am, oh yes I am The love of a sweet woman has made me a better man And now I give her love like nobody can No one can love her like this man
Tranquil sky box Where I really do enjoy our lucid talks As we levitate above the fray Daylight melts to dusk As we regulate the corps on their final thrust To conclude the edict of the day This world needs more marvel, more beauty to view Ascending from the desert subterfuge A ghosted tower leaves its shadow in the sand, Of a previous failed attempt by man The terrace rocks As the artisans install the building blocks And the vision rises from the haze This city needs its splendor so we've got work to do To cultivate the gardens' bloom Desire of sweet Amytis for mountain air to breathe Is this bound by remedy or is it discrete? Is the legend just poetic or is it concrete? Can we really raise the tree roots up high? Can we really make the earth touch the sky? An ancient sky box, lost to time’s perpetual clocks Can it be discovered another day? Another day, some other day
Wasted 03:49
In re-examining this life up to this point I do conclude That it’s much easier to put it all together in review But there are moments When those doubts and vast uncertainties exist It’s hard to realize the gravity of actions that will persist Was green and I’d seen the whole world as kind But only now do I realize all of the time that was wasted Was blue when life threw me a curved knuckle ball But I never truly grasped the real thrill of it all until I faced it Somewhere south of sanity In a sweltering shelter dwells a king Always slowly building plans of Someday presenting some a new thing This sovereign used to have a voice But now there’s no one to be led So the days go slow, the years go fast And there is less road up ahead Been bounced between the edges of regret and sublime Especially in moments When considering the time that’s been wasted Well, I have lived in the desert and I’ve drunk waterfalls And I’ve sampled the nectar That was sweetest of all ever tasted We can blaze a trail through the woods And find that spirit of yesterday On the deep, dark forest floor, The fervor we will dance away (dance, dance) But Friday night was oh so long And I lost my favorite song But you can sing any song you want If you would just make up your mind
Oceans 03:35
Incredible beauty absorbed into my mind Replenished vitality for this old soul of mine A shimmering vision, majestic to behold The color of Heaven may be crimson, blue and gold Punctured a deep wellspring, cascade emotional Revealing the presence of a force most magical Just then I traversed to a the ultimate phase of essence Disturbing, but yet so beautiful, with a total lack of pretense The love in my heart could fill oceans And there is much love to fulfill I’m overcome with emotion While the ocean stares back at me and challenges my will Incredible beauty, autonomous design Forged within the furnaces of an omniscient mind This noble new mission may be difficult to conclude But I pray to find the vision to see this all come true The love in my heart could fill oceans And there is so much love alive I can’t deny the simple notion, The emotion reflects the purpose why we strive The commotion is worthwhile for the place where we’ll arrive While the ocean shouts back at me and tells me I’m alive
You say that the means fortify the ends But I refuse to crucify any more friends You claim the crow’s tolerable with white wine, I’ll choose instead to draw my own imaginary lines When will we ever feel the sun? When will we ever have some fun? When will we ever be all but Done with our accomplishments, Fulfilled by mass acknowledgment, Relieved of our embarrassment When? When? You say that the Dream solidifies the means, But I reject my assignment to the underground machine You wave the goal approaching the divine As I choose to subsist within my own imaginary lines Why must we congenially drink the rain? Why must we eventually taste the pain? Why must we ever be all but hung for our proficiency, Stung by our own technology, Loathed for our non-apology, Why? Why? Where is the road map to the promised land? Where is that soft and sympathetic hand? Where is the hunger for the justice of our righteousness, Promotion of our exultance. Adoption of our endorsement, Where? Where? Where? Where? Where? Where? Where?
If I were to go out on a limb for you darling, Would you grab your hacksaw And make it clear just where I stand? You know I've got some choices of consequence upcoming So, please state your position before this gets out of hand I split the baby, for the baby was just too fat I ain't talkin' bout flesh n’ blood here so... Don't come after me with your big orange cat If I gave you a glimpse of my true nature, sweet darling Would you carve me from the inside out Once I let down my guard? For, just like the next man I have my fair share of shortcomings And by exposing my defects You can bring me down hard I split the baby, oh, it was a baby that just got too fat I ain't coppin' to no infanticide here So don't come at me with your big orange cat The weight of the world keeps on pressin’ and pushin’ And bendin’ and breakin’ my nerve To gain the whole world but lose the precious soul, It’s a fate I never intended nor do I deserve If I build a tinder box for you in the morning Would you hand me a match Or tell me I’ve gone too far? Well, it's not all that crazy When you think about where we are at Oh, just a day or two away from being locked within The jaws of a big orange cat, oh drat!
If it all fell down, babe, would you still stick around And remember that I've always been true? If it falls apart, babe, may I count on a new start Will we face the strife together, me and you? Platitudes and mantras Are just fine when times are good But it's much harder when it's darker To do what we should Will you have my back if the fairy tale cracks, Fight the fire that’s fiercely burning through? Will we bleed as one, me and you? On our feathery soft cloud It is so easy to be proud But when that lightning charges, Will the pride shine through? If it all fell down, babe, Would you bail out of town Or arrange for my heroic rescue? Face the heat while it boils, burns and brews? Will we rise as one, me and you?


Out There Somewhere is the 2020 debut solo record by musician and songwriter Ric Albano of the very famous group Sinclair Soul. The album features 13 original songs recorded during the dystopian pandemic era with Albano playing each and every instrument, making this a truly "solo" record.


released October 24, 2020

Produced and Mixed by Ric Albano
Recorded at Cygnus Wave studios in Middletown, PA and Ron's basement in Mountaintop, PA
Mastered by Bret Alexander at Saturation Acres studio in DuPont, PA
Cover photo by Bryen Albano

Ric Albano - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, piano, keyboards, drums, percussion

All songs composed and arranged by Ric Albano
© 2005-2020 Ric Albano and Cygnus Wave Records


all rights reserved



Sinclair Soul Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Sinclair Soul is an original rock and roll project of producer and composer Ric Albano. along with guitarist Bret Alexander and drummer Ron Simasek. The music is a diverse breath of rock influenced from the classic era with a modern twist. Plans are currently underway for a new recording project of original material later on 2018. ... more

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