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The Good Guys

by Sinclair Soul

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Can you save another soul? From the jaws of disillusionment, Towards some better goal Just leave it alone until you know Will you build another bridge this evening? Or view the world from within your own island destiny Where you will own all that you see Are you justified in causing your commotion? Are you dignified in purging emotions? Well, I see a better day coming soon, I see a better way coming soon Can you dig it mama? Will you work on a new scheme this weekend? Look your future in the eye and promise not to blink? It’s not as easy as you may think Are you justified in speaking truth to power? Are you dignified in telling us what you see? Well, I see a better day coming soon, I see a better way coming soon I see a better way, I see a better day, Better days better ways, better days better ways Oh oh, can you dig it mama?
Truth 06:07
A solidly structured someone still suffers in sovereignty While the ancient one, she laughs on While observing the absurdity As he put it all on the line He got mocked and he got ridiculed And he proved there’s no capacity In his talent at playing the fool And so we see his heart break in syncopated time A winding path of obstacles, diverted from his prime No longer does he reign in high regard Once dealt that poisoned card Another voice to disregard, discard the truth That foolishly fraught feeling finds fractures within the fix While treading Hell’s outer circle On to the shores of the River Styx I’m convinced that you are crazy But still I rationalize you anyway And so the futile quest goes on and on and on And on and on and on another day And so you sing your tired song of souless witless pride A bargain validation just to prove you’re on my side But no longer can you hear a single word that I say And when you’re no longer going my way You will have exhausted your last play against the truth And I can remember everything, oh Yes, I can remember everything, oh And you can’t misrepresent anything, no more 'Cause I was there present for everything, for sure Yes, I can remember everything About your fitful disgrace And if you should mention anything Be sure to say it to my face But all I want is to depart from this bitter race I just don’t want to play the game no more, No, no, no no no no no no no no I used to believe that you were special But truly I was aloof Wanna try something original? Tell the truth!
A moment dancing on the breeze Adrift upon the hidden seas Some time to formulate the plan To recreate a replete man To understand that's it's only love, it's only love Though passionate was the exchange This new thing had a finite range And life, it issued an impost, Some levy from the Holy Ghost So at the very most it is only love, it’s only love Suddenly I can see you drifting away from me, Galactic anomaly, wondering how I got so low I gave you everything, let you unfold your dream, Suffered your silent scream when the opulence was slow So please acknowledge me as a man Who honestly shows an open hand, I’m sure that Jesus will understand It is only love lo-lo–ove, it is only love, oh oh So let's embrace the precious day Craft and forge a better way For I've get word from the sky, And soon I’ll have to say goodbye But please don't cry because it's only love, It is only love lo–ove It's only love, it’s only love
Was she near a void of fear As the event horizon grew ever near? And the subtle, eagle wings began to rise Just how could the good Lord permit Her to submit to nature’s compromise?, ooh ooh Did he feel the pain or did he Just seize up as it hit the veins? And contemplate those that he used to love Will the sudden, shearing shock of loss Make us begin to doubt the crosses and doves, Those signs of love from the gentleman above Has she discovered that There is more to this than where it's at? And every moment is precious in the least Can she get her message through that foggy firmament Which surrounds Valhalla’s feast? ooh ooh Was he on the brink of war With the infidels along the shore When all the faux melodrama took a vital turn? Will the colonial's only son Who never reached age 31 return? Rigid and stern, with new lessons been learned Does he understand the Internet? And the coming promise of this digital age? Will he make the speed to fulfill the unquenchable need? And delay that inevitable greed of life, As it consumes the youth and spits back some ugly truth Is he playing his guitar for Jesus on some distant star Where the melancholy madness will not persist? And does he get a say on which tunes They will get to play from the master list? Well, I insist that they do all still exist
I've weighed options near and far To destinations steered by stars But I will ride with the good guys Revolution's siren song, All gray solutions, neither right nor wrong So I'll decide for the good guys The leaves are falling, God is calling From somewhere up on that mountainside I would like to explore but I’m just too lazy to climb Don't want to lose my, my option to choose My day is likely wearing thin And I must remain afloat just above the din And I believe that this is something that I can win, And I’ll find some resolve from within Akin with the good guys The sky is crying, the eagle is flying But still, they see fit to complain Without perfection they just can’t let this good reign And so it ping-pongs, the rights, the wrongs The ceremony is wearing thin I must compose a new prayer to forgive the sin And this is something that I must win, Fueled by a resolve from within Akin with the good guys Weighing options near and far, I’ll set my ship to steer by the stars And I will side with the good guys Time will tell if I have chosen well, Time will tell if I have chosen well My final victory or my initial mistake? The burden of the chances that I am willing to take
Remember 03:20
Burrowing through a tunnel, trying to find my way out It's been 4 or 5 days since I had checked out I can't remember why or how I got here But I certainly do remember Those phantoms of distant years I remember how I tried to exist in good faith Remember how the ones I love Relied on me each and every day But in this subterranean plight, Please remind me to remember just how to fight Could I remember who I used to be, Persistently bold and free Humbled by the very first time that you looked at me Awkward banter and a nervous laugh, Confidence was at best at half But I remember how I fell in love with you, Yes, I remember how I fell in love with you Yes, I remember how I proudly proclaimed That the love was true Burrowing through a tunnel, trying to find my way out
Roaring 20s 03:16
Oh, we've done alright by this so far So why not give this one more decade To discover just who we are 'Cause oh, lifetimes traverse at break-neck speed And you won't get all that you desperately desire No matter how intensely you may bleed You know, there's just no way to harness time Procrastination is a cancer on the soul A dancer without glow, A copping to a hypothetical invented crime All in all we've done okay Through these expended days and Though stopping is not possible To reflect, we‘ve got to go And seize the coming winter spell Before the actors toll their bell Ignite the deadwood, sleigh the trolls, Obliterate the static, status quo - We're doing plenty fine thus far Being most confident in Knowing just exactly who we are We see no reason nor purpose In a gaze towards the stars Although there's quiet thunder in the distant hills Leaving us to wonder if someday That it may encroach upon Our coddled comfort cottages And test those fluid anchors of our will And all in all we've done okay Through these sweet initial days Passionate dramas self-composed Through poetry and clever prose And I can see the liberty in shadows just outside of me And I can climb the muddy walls and stand above it all And roar! There has got to be a path to soar We've got to set the mind to find a way Come what may, now-a-days There are sparse new doors, oh The lore is not reflected in reality Strongly rejecting the conformity, The normal-ty, chaotic seas Carry us to foreign shores, oh, A brand new place to roar!
So long, my California dream I'll be tossing my lot into another scene Oh oh, only time will tell And even though that bitter past has rejected, Perhaps this more enlightened day will accept it Oh oh, only time will tell Set your head right, save your soul, Write your own impassioned chronicle Make your music so you can play it up proud, Forge your mission so you can cry it out loud But I got caught up within the commotion of some Event horizon sized chronic emotion Still somehow I escaped with my life Test the waters, cry at night Work it out until you get it right Make the sounds which will impress a little stronger, Forge the songs that will last a little longer But I know, I know I never will be the same, Never will truly get back into that game Oh oh, I still will fare thee well Oh oh, only time will tell
Here’s to the man that spat himself off of the shelf of obscurity To compensate for discrepancies, to execute with some variety In the Keystone state where we build our homes Topped with slate be-speckled domes And how we think, that’s how we’ll be Never to imagine how to break free As a fire rages underground and forms a ring around my hometown I boldly go and traverse the bogs And I never ever want to have to sleep with the dogs So I stand and I stare with the brutal eyes And a firm refusal to ever compromise If I raze some bridges, so be it fine I must explore the boundaries of my mind Until I find a place where I’m free to be kind I will move a little on further on down the line White lightning, Godspeed to the court’s long standing king We'll find a way until we meet again some sunny day Yes, we will meet again some sunny day Well, I was born to the generation between Some vital purpose and some flighty dream In an ancient village no one’s ever seen ‘Cause it fell down through the cracks in between So here’s to the man with the upbeat rhythm The vocals barked and the riffs bass driven A silent scream on the brightest night, Supplicate that everything is alright Just praying we have enough fuel to launch this flight And escape the sinking shadows of the night White lightning, today's the day that we wager everything Show me the way until we meet again some sunny day I know that we will meet again some day We have fire, we have stone, along with elements of our own... Oh, will this sanctify everything I do? We will fine tune the sound, Even if some perfecting is done underground... I sometimes must stretch the walls of truth But right now the house is burning A century of memories turned to ash As the fates are turning, no lesson learning, absorbed illusions The snow is always whiter up in the corner of the country Where the future's brighter But logic cites that it just won’t work and - I don't want to sleep with the dogs I don't want to sleep with the dogs Curse those who tell me that I should I don't want to sleep with the dogs They scratch and claw and howl all night They cause me grief, they give me fright So why can't we just let the sleeping dogs lie Within their vast domain under the sky? Why won't we just let the sleeping dogs lie? You see, the thing about Heather is that she’s a hostile hottie A painted smile to mask a plan that’s naughty A siren’s whistle that’s divinely blown, But she will surely carve you to the bone, Oh, if she ever catches you alone Oh, to bear the suffocating weight of the stone Lush valley, in the shadows of the mountains majesty We'll find a way until we meet again some sunny day We will dwell within that realm some day I know that we’ll be there again one day
Life has an ebb n’ flow, A yin, a yang which guides where you need to go A force beyond space and time Love rules a universe, A precious tone to commence the ultimate verse The union of the heart and the mind And the river it tumbles over rocks and man-made dams Into the Chesapeake Bay, down through the Hampton Roads And the Soul, it feeds on irony and rendered deeds, Spinning dusty hay into shiny new gold Spinning dusty hay into shiny new gold How can you trace the voyage of a single drop of water As it makes it’s long journey to the sea And how can you transmute true wisdom to your sons and daughters And be sure that the wisdom is pure as can be Yes, the river it breaches its banks from time to time Flooding thoughts and vivid memories deep within the mind And the Soul, it grows despite a riptide of deadly undertow The Soul you hold will never truly grow blind No, the Soul you hold will never truly grow blind Oh, the Soul you hold, it never truly goes


The Good Guys is a ten-song album by rock project Sinclair Soul, which is set for digital release on December 9, 2019. All tracks were composed by vocalist and musician Ric Albano and recorded at the state-of-the-art Eight Days a Week recording studio in Northumberland, PA during the winter / spring of 2018 - 2019.

Production of this record included a posse of top-notch musicians and production team, starting with guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Bret Alexander and drummer Ron Simasek, both of whom were central on the previous Sinclair Soul albums, The Journey (2017) and Reflections of Relevance (2018). The expanded lineup for The Good Guys includes vocalist Mycenea Worley, guitarist Phil Brosius, and bassist Paul Smith (who is the owner of Eight Days a Week studio). The album was co-produced by Albano, Smith, Alexander, and audio engineer (and Ric’s son) Jake Albano.

The songs here all originated on acoustic guitar and have grown into an eclectic mix of pop, rock, folk and country with slight elements of blues, jazz and some non-genre specific fusion.


released December 9, 2019

Recorded and Produced by Bret Alexander, Paul Smith, Jake Albano & Ric Albano at Eight Days a Week studios, 2018-2019
Mixed by Jake Albano, Bret Alexander & Ric Albano
Mastered by Bret Alexander at Saturation Acres
Cover photo by Karyn Albano
Cover art by Susan Welsh

Ric Albano - vocals, acoustic guitars, piano, keyboards, bass
Bret Alexander - guitars, mandolin, organ
Ron Simasek - drums and percussion

Mycenea Worley - backing vocals (tracks 5 & 9)
Phil Brosius - lead guitar (tracks 2 & 6)
Paul Smith - bass (tracks 1, 5, 7 & 10)

All songs composed and arranged by Ric Albano
© 2013-2019 Ric Albano and Cygnus Wave Records


all rights reserved



Sinclair Soul Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Sinclair Soul is an original rock and roll project of producer and composer Ric Albano. along with guitarist Bret Alexander and drummer Ron Simasek. The music is a diverse breath of rock influenced from the classic era with a modern twist. Plans are currently underway for a new recording project of original material later on 2018. ... more

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