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The Girl with No Name

by Sinclair Soul

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I have a real new riff on life A dull annoying buzz like a thousand tiny cuts from a hundred microscopic knives I’m wondering how this shameful circle ends For it’s now late September and I really don’t remember If I have any remaining friends Well, I guess it depends on the latest trends As the whole world bends, the whole world bends I’ve got a brand new outlook on God Who stuck me in this mansion with the endless rooms just to prove that I’m a real fraud So I climb and climb again until I’ve nearly gone insane Just to prove I possess a great resolve to play this game And the terror’s got me trembling from my jaw down through my knees, I want to scream and plead but I refuse to cede my insatiable greed To uncover the secrets of the mystery, Though I will likely bleed, oh I will likely bleed So it manifests embedded within the bedrock, I hope you like to rock And so it comes to be, the whole universe comes to me, Opening up a sea of indelible moments Hidden deep within invisible dark matter, but will it matter? When you’re trapped upon the ledge of a thinly defined, final solid edge I’ve designed a brand new original game, Begins with a solid moral foundation, concludes without knowing her name Well, really how can I really be blamed? If fall in love with my own conjured works and I revel in this minor fame Well, ain’t it a shame how the snow dog loves the sun And refuses to ever run, oh oh, no no no But it’s all in good fun, it’s all in good fun
Used to dream within the limited boundaries of society Until I breached the line, one time, designed this new reality Cherish something beautiful, the songs you hear, the revelations you see Viva something beautiful, with an affinity to be free Used to sing about wond’ring why things cannot remain the same Or are we just some pawns rest upon the dawn of someone else’s larger game Reflect something beautiful, the ones you love, the desires you seek Reveal what is beautiful, with every honest word that you speak There was a time when I was engrossed in winning while spinning in a tiny space But now I’m overjoyed to be freely living among those inhabiting this place Ring out something beautiful, missions served, souls redeemed Drink in something beautiful, absorb the love that is ever key In your rise above to what’s meant to be, in the quest for one to be free Oh Lord, please, please, please let me be free, oh, Oh, how I want to be free, how I’ve gotta be free Ring out sweet chimes of freedom, please ring for me I’ve gotta be, gotta beeeee… freeeeee… Lord, let me be free (something beautiful), Oh, I want to be, be, free (something beautiful)
Canadians 05:30
Once was a man from a northern land with an out-sized hunger for knowledge He didn’t believe that this would be achieved only through indoctrinal college So he chose the hill upon which he’d stand still As a million eyes brought him in focus Some where enthused, others crass and confused As the clichés they prized were deemed bogus A line traversed, Rubicon crossed for better or worse It was just his curse The professor arrived in a particular ride and a plethora of objects to beat on He tempered the time with a mathematical prime, all while averse to the neon In a horror-filled year his soul was ripped from its gears And he embarked on a journey to find it Traversing the land while never tipping his hand For with this song it’s futile to time it A soul reborn, a deeper truth divulged as he mourned Most days will melt into each other with scarcely any question And the time goes by so swiftly while we focus on what is pedestrian And we get so mired within the minutia of re-positioning pawns And we never notice Canadians ’til they’re gone We never notice Canadians ’til they’re gone So we’ll muster up the courage to carry on, to carry on Amazing Grace will fall upon us Amelia will smile down from the sky We will fall in love again on this continent We will ride aboard that fever train A journey best experienced under this sky A maple leaf shaped constellation up high And we never notice Canadians, we never see the Canadians, We never heed the Canadians while they thrive, while they’re still alive Changing the world to one that’s lesser in peril Always starts in your own little spaces Giving your all, going forth rise or fall May just work if you’re in the right places The chaos is left behind, an anthem of the heart and the mind
Dog Days 03:18
Me and the dog on our afternoon ride, Studiously studying both the left and right sides Looking for squirrels, cats or that postman fool On an extra slow journey, Cherry Avenue Me and the dog both have senses tuned high Focused on the ground, while ignoring the sky Until I’m suddenly shaken by a forgotten view Just ahead on the left of Cherry Avenue And I say; “here is the house where my best friend died, She was the innocent half of a murder/suicide” A fevered bark in recognition of a friend, Emerging from the shelter of his back yard pen I spot a memory dangling underneath the next stop sign A brutal reminder of one trying time And I think; “here is the corner of my first heartbreak An adolescent trauma which I could never quite shake” This street goes on for miles and miles A corridor of memories, tears and smiles, been quite a while This street goes on for miles and miles and miles and miles A someday, satisfying journey reconciled, after a while After a while, I will see you smile after a while Me and the dog on our way back home, Ideas propagate for some brand new poem As an instant verse emerges from the wider view Just ahead on the right of Cherry Avenue As I cry; “there is the place where that chance meeting occurred, Could I ever have predicted what my life would be with her?” Oh, oh, what a life I have with her Woh, woh, woh such a good life I have with her
Ohhhh… Jane, how is it going? I think there’s something needs to be said I can’t believe it’s been five mornings without a single word, nor even nodded head Well, I was gone for just a short spell but when I returned things were not the same Let’s have it out, what’s the problem? For which transgression am I now to blame? Well, ain’t it a shame oh, you won’t be tamed Oh please tell me Jane what’s your secret, philosopher’s strange ancient mystic stone? I’ve traveled far, traversed the boundaries of my own wisdom to intersect your zone It wasn’t me outside your window, in the shadows beneath the trees Do you wanna see me, woh so humble, humiliated, down on my knees? Won’t you let it be? Or please set me free, please set me free Ole’ Jane, she has her special way of doling out that torture every day No matter what I say She blames me for her bitter fate but I haven’t sprung that bait yet Time will tell if I’m a yes or no, losing my resolve as the tension does grow I don’t really like you but I can’t let you go Please let me know, should I stay or go? Well, your smile’s only visible from one side And everybody’s trying to find a place to hide But I know how you are (I know how you are) Sometimes I’ll get lost in a frivolous dream, as you back me up into a cynical meme, But I know where you are (I know where you are) As the diminishing clock accelerates, there’s less and less hope for some amicable fate ‘Cause I know who you are (I know who you are) Woh and your bond is like a dagger buried within As you know each and every verse of my sin ‘cause I know what you are! Why is it so, oh oh oh oh oh oh? That you won’t let it go, oh oh oh oh oh oh?
I’ve got anguish on my mind, constant tensions all the time All my morals in a bind with this blurring of the lines So the streak continues, yes, the streak continues I’ve got things that must get done, emerging battles to be won Situations short of fun, obligations under the gun And the streak continues Fly, free bird, fly, aim for the boundaries of the sky And lie, really learn to master the lie The world laid out before you only exists within the eye And I’ve got a woman on the brain, projecting lightening through my veins She is the girl without a name, but I still love her all the same For I exist to win you, oh no-oh, ’less the streak continues Oh no, no no oh no, no no oh no, no no no no no
In the shade of an ancient oak tree A cogent spirit surrounded me Softly singing through the breeze, the aura of woman so free On a hill near the hamlet Kilgart Once again I found my Irish sweetheart Moving oh, so gracefully, replenishing a weathered old heart Then a crowd it grows, and crows and trolls As a foul mood flows into an irritated deadlock Soon that mood will give into corrupt motives, we will not forgive nor live If we don’t talk, we won’t take stock, we will never take stock As the crowd soon shifts towards mesmerized fits, And no one commits to quit when its best to do so Arousing choleric kids to do bonehead bids and they try to run but there’s Nowhere to go, where can they go? In the sky above God’s sacred land Forms a cloud shaped like two joining hands Hov’ring above chaos below, oh, tell me what does this now show? Blazing a path to a new start, the way of my Irish sweetheart My Irish sweetheart, blaze a path to a new start My Irish sweetheart, blaze a path to a new start My Irish sweetheart, refreshing new start My Irish sweetheart
Drink 05:27
Gave my soul time off today to deliberate with some darker sage Resolve that which won’t be solved For every time you rolled your eyes, I rolled a bit closer to my suicide Retreat, ultimate defeat But how will I feel thirteen hours from now? How will I learn to deal with the spinning wheels, tasteless meals, Crooked deals, will I drink? Waste away minor glimmer of life getting liquored to the brink Cast aside any aptitude from my prime to stare into a bottomless sink I can prove those theorems any time within the laboratories of my mind But that truth requires no proof And I’ve heard tall tales of better days when conditions warrant much better ways But such a year, never seems to be near So where does someone like me find his retreat? Where is my sanctuary, my security, my amnesty, my drink? Just to endure the day, I’ll need to find a revamped way to think Beyond contemporary form, mind-rejuvenating storm on a lackluster, mundane day Can’t seem to muster up the will to bring this forward in any other way Can you concede my side or continue to attack my pride? Do you remember things before the bitter shattering? Will I climb up off the schneid, embark on a finer ride Be a better human being, remembering everything I forgot How will I see things thirteen months from now? Will I reflect upon this fateful day As when I hit bottom and propelled back up somehow? Living renewed moments of life on a smoother plane, somehow Giving those thinner days of my prime a much clearer lane, somehow… somehow
Got a nemesis for whom my demise is the one and only wish The best revenge is surely living well A distant relative who will not believe in the motto “live and let live” The best revenge is to live well Confident within the intent about the way things ought to be Applying meretricious trends, making no amends Towards which ends? Eventually we’ll see Once was a pessimist who believed it over-ambitious to follow his bliss Was he right or wrong? Time will never tell Traveled far in search of wisdom czars, who homilize what ought to be Play a mean guitar, sing aloud to the stars, whether simple or hard, Take this just as far as it is meant to be, oh what’s it meant to be, Oh oh my soul, flow forth with me (Axioms, convictions and beliefs), so oh oh There’s a sweet songbird who attentively listens when there’s music to be heard And so we journey onward towards a better realm Knowing the best revenge is living well


Produced by Ric Albano
Engineered by Jake Albano & Bret Alexander
Mastered by Bret Alexander
All songs arranged by Ric Albano

All songs were composed by Ric Albano (Cygnus Wave music, ASCAP) except for “Dog Days” written by Albano, Bret Alexander (Bretlee music, ASCAP) and Ron Simasek (The People’s Temple of Rhombus music, ASCAP).


released August 13, 2021

Ric Albano – lead vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards, bass
Bret Alexander – backing vocals, guitars, keyboards, mandolin, dobro, melodica, harmonica
Ron Simasek – drums, percussion


all rights reserved



Sinclair Soul Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Sinclair Soul is an original rock and roll project of producer and composer Ric Albano. along with guitarist Bret Alexander and drummer Ron Simasek. The music is a diverse breath of rock influenced from the classic era with a modern twist. Plans are currently underway for a new recording project of original material later on 2018. ... more

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