The Journey

by Sinclair Soul

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The Journey is the 2017 debut album by Sinclair Soul. It features seven eclectic pop/rock tracks with philosophical lyrics that touch on the social, spiritual and personal.


released June 26, 2017

Produced by Bret Alexander and Ric Albano
All songs composed by Ric Albano
Recorded, mixed and mastered in Pennsylvania at Saturation Acres and Cygnus Wave recording studios

Ric Albano - lead vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, piano, keyboards
Bret Alexander - electric and slide guitars, mandolin, bass, keyboards
Ron Simasek - drums, percussion

Erik Trabert - lead guitar on "The Last Day of February"
Janet Rains - backing vocal on "Believe"



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Sinclair Soul Pennsylvania

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Track Name: San Anton
If you see my oldest brother
Out upon the checkered, fruited plain
Please reveal that I'm still living, loving merciful
And giving all the wisdom I obtain

If there are secrets to charisma
My well-paid alchemists have not revealed
To convey just what is and what is not
Is the paradox upon which I must deal
It's just a part of the deal

In the shadows of the statues
Carved in solid rock three thousand years
I’ll declare that I'm still living, loving merciful
Through blood, perspiration and tears

No one told me that the journey
Would be more frictional than be smooth
And so I drudge on through the thicked brush
In a slightly panicked rush to execute all I need to do
It’s all I have to do, to see this whole thing through

Inspiration is for amateurs
The professional gets to work right away
To change direction while the journey’s good,
Makes it understood, the cost of agony
You lose for good the moss of apathy
Eventually we all pass by this way
And it’s a magical day

Revelations through a richer light
Escape the common night
And burn the blues away
You cherish sign posts on the winding road
Embracing new and old and wisdom of the few
The burning signs and silent purviews
Prudence is a cardinal virtue
It all comes down to what you really do
What now will you do?

If you see my oldest brother
Please tell him to give me a call
Track Name: Good Friday
An excruciating dose of harsh reality
On this dreary, dark, cold March afternoon
A respectable chunk of my personality
Dissolves to dust within the writing room
I summon the ghost of the ancient one
Her name is on the tip of my tongue
And brace for a sharp ratiocination
But unmercifully that blow never comes

(So while I’m) dancing on the head of a stick
(Awaiting your) distinction between
“Joe Hero” and “Jack Convict”
(I’ll fight the) urge to quench the thirst of our ancestor’s cravings
By not behaving so burned and conned

As my illusion of grandeur slowly crashes
One underlying discourse starts within
Will today’s holy palms become the ashes-
That’ll accompany tomorrow’s changing hymns?
And so that brings us to Good Friday,
“We both knew this day would someday come”
Although fasting from meat may make you hungry
I never would have believed you’d eat your young

(In a room off) pothole infested roads we would play
(Those relative) games of black and white and shades of gray
(While fueling) the urge to fill the void in our ancestor’s yearnings
Without concerning this new paragon

Forsaken descendants, mechanical offspring
You’ll never have children
While the burden consumes you
Forsaken ancestry:
Tear down the Temple wall!
Firebomb the pyramids!
Level the twin towers then run!

But no one reminds me like you do
Of the ideals and ambitions that have been lost
All those naïve conclusions where we’d arrive, fooled
That all the best things in life must harbor cost
And so we return to Good Friday
A verge that we’ve expected all the while?
Can either of us see beyond today?
May Saturday’s dawn yet be compiled?

(Harmoniously) singing the songs of yesterday
(In an attempt to) fabricate the verbal games we’d play
(Our aria) is composed of tunes of our ancestor’s likeness-
Too polite to seize our day - carpe diem!
I want it all and I want it right now!

Forsaken opportunity, situation unforeseen,
You never did prepare for this day as reality
Forsaken opportunity:
Tear down the fortress walls!
Back-fill your foxhole!
Good Friday has come and now has gone!
Track Name: Believe
So what’s the point of quiet charity
If it won’t get you the gig?
They don’t forgive irregularities
Just because your heart is big
And why leave home with an atlas stone,
When a flask of pebbles might do?
This quite excessive sense of diligence
Offends my reasoned confidence in you…

I do my best to view the world from deep behind these eyes
I draw my energy from sources not simply surmised

But what’s the point of simple clarity,
In such a complex universe?
Should we not strive towards more parity
By ripping out the contents of your purse?

I steer my ship by ancient stars and hold the wind with poise
I grasp at every passing wave in a quest to find pure joys

Believe, believe
Believe, believe

So what’s the point of quiet charity,
If you don’t bag some esteem?
Complied reduction of this narrowly sliced time
Just seems obscene
And who would roam with an atlas stone,
When there are so many sights to see?
What’s the point of true contention,
When the scientific evidence has been decreed?

I beat my path with head held high and wisdom at my heels
I don’t pretend to know that this is how we all should feel

Believe, believe
Believe, believe

In a pinch and you’re on the run, will you come undone?
If it’s a cinch just to follow the sun,
Why then fear of this unusual one?
Track Name: Found Love
I stared out at the sea, horizons of infinity
And wondered if it could possibly be enough
The visions of the day would quickly melt away
Without the prospect of a found love

I’m rocking on my swing and contemplating everything
‘Til I decide to spread my wings and soar
A sweet and unexpected
Opportunity rapped at my door
And I found love

The rivers flow to the sea, the confluence of eternity
Reflective personalities in the tide
And though we tread upon slippery rocks
And fear the ever-ticking clocks
We never break our stride, side by side

I gazed out at the field
And I saw the lion gathering his yield
And we gave each other nods of mutual respect
Sometimes this world gives you
More than you initially expect, a found love

So fine to help each other climb,
In anticipation of what we’ll find
When we reach above
A wonderful display, a vivid palette each and every day
Our found love
Track Name: Long Way Home
Lost in the wilderness, the forest through the trees
All merge to emptiness as I am brought down to my knees
I pause for just a sec to let the world spin round
To reveal some open trek
Leading to tame, tended ground

But I’m still alive – yes, I’m still alive
Shrouded in bitterness,
I’ll crawl out of this wilderness and try

Counter, diverging paths, I’m forced to make a choice
Contend this demon’s wrath or let it silence my voice
No doubt I’ve done my slice to bring this on myself
But that pittance won’t justify
This rapid draining of health

But I’m still alive – But will I survive?
Biased towards happiness,
I’ll carve my creed in righteousness and pray...

Exoneration for squandering
The precious dawn of the Day…
That priceless jewel confined by it’s peripheral fuel
Any day can come the call to raze the walls
And suddenly be shown all that’s beyond
Knowing all that is gone,
Blown, pried from it’s bond
On the way home

Who leaves familiar farms, swan dives into the sea
Of vast transcendent charms, of vast uncertainty?

He who keeps it alive – the dream that survives
Drafted towards openness
Can almost feel the sweet caress of the sky...

That boundless cool, clad baby blue
Never seeming too hard to fly…
With wounded wings. ever sharpening
Will tomorrow bring just one more try?
To feel the pulse, to forge the ghosts,
To make the most and show just what can be
And know what it is like to be free
And grow into the predestined me
And flow in distinguished harmony

All the way home
Track Name: The Last Day of February
I still remember how she chased me around
The first time that I walked across her floor
And I ran and I ran but she persisted behind
Until I could not run no more

She disclosed most earnestly, a galactic anomaly
Of how the laws of physics won’t apply to me
So disregarding any costs, I charged forward, fingers crossed
Feeling the quest was meant to be

But what more could we expect when we have got a slanted deck
An heirloom based on fables that aren’t true
Give an honest man such power
And sooner or later it will turn sour
As darker demons are let loose
Between reposeful sips of juice

Every once in a while there is a hint of a smile
And a feeling that something may be new
But where is the justice for a sincere soul?
What is a man supposed to do?
What is a man supposed to do?

We often spoke of valiant days
When we would bounce from shore to shore,
On an everlasting quest to find some truth
Until one bitter one in May when we opened up that door
And felt reality’s sharp tooth

Now all that we can do to keep our heads on fire
Is to conjure up a bigger dose
So we talk to the walls and wait for coveted calls
Until the time gets much too close
The wrath of some ancient ghost

Every once in a while there’ll be a moment of denial
That there’s nothing beyond our simple zoo
Until the cultivated soul receives his moment of trial…
What is a man supposed to do?
What is a man supposed to do?
Designed to be a born a poor, pathetic fool
Just what is a man supposed to do?

Oh, I’m such a fool, waiting here in February
Waiting on the sun, oh is it ever gonna come?
Track Name: Try Again
I’ll try again to build a house that is stronger
Fortify the bonds a little longer
And reflect more on all things
From the conversations that I bring through the songs that I sing
I want to improve everything

I’ll try again to keep the world a-grooving
Stability through the scenes that are moving
And to do more perfect deeds
Provide for the implicit needs
And heal the wounds when they bleed
On this I shall succeed

Although the intensity could get mad
There is no doubt that these are the best days I’ve ever had
And I just want to be a good Dad

I’ll try again to make the moments brighter
From those serious to those which are lighter
And give it everything I have
Through the good times and the bad
I want to be a good Dad